After Ethiopia completes the second filling.. Sudan is waiting for the flood


A few days after Ethiopia completed the second phase of Filling the reservoir of the Renaissance DamToday, Sunday, Sudan confirmed that water revenues have increased significantly in the Blue Nile, as its level at the El-Dim station on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border reached 573 million cubic metres.

In addition, the Sudanese News Agency “SUNA” reported that the revenues of the Blue Nile are expected to reach about 600 million cubic meters during the next three days.

She pointed out that the revenues of the Atbara River at the Sudanese-Ethiopian border also amounted to 385 million cubic meters.

Half a meter only

Khartoum recorded a rise in the water level in the Nile, which reached 16.04 meters, leaving less than half a meter in front of Khartoum until it reached the flood limit, which is specified at a level of 16.50 meters.

It is expected that the coming period will witness a rise in the water level in Khartoum of up to 25 centimeters.



Warnings to citizens

The government called on all citizens in all sectors to take the necessary precautions, in case the water level reaches the flood level.

In a related context, the Flood Committee of the Sudanese Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources reported, yesterday, Saturday, that the levels of the Nile in Khartoum have approached the level of the flood, after the revenue of the Blue Nile at Al-Dim station, on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border, exceeded 600 million cubic meters.

Sudan experiences severe floods, usually every autumn season, which destroy millions of homes and destroy means of livelihood, due to poor infrastructure.

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