Ahmed Al-Ahmar: We have achieved a large percentage of our goal..and we aspire for more


Ahmed Al-Ahmar, the star of the Egyptian handball team, confirmed that his team has achieved a large part of its goal so far in participating in the current Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020), but he still has a desire to exploit his potential to progress further in the competition.

The Egyptian team (the descendants of the Pharaohs) continued its victories in the Olympics by defeating its Bahraini counterpart 30/20 today, Sunday, in the last fifth round of the team’s matches in the first round (group stage).

The victory is the fourth for the team that secured the second place in its group, as well as qualifying before today’s match, after its victory over Sweden in the last match.

Ahmed Al-Ahmar said in statements to the German news agency (dpa): “The Bahraini team is a strong team, but our team presented one of the best participations in the first round of the Olympic Games. We gained eight points from the five matches, and this is not easy… and winning A difference of ten goals does not mean that the Bahraini team is a weak team, because the two teams played the match after deciding their qualification.”

He explained, “Japan’s victory over Portugal today decided Bahrain’s qualification to the second round (the quarter-finals), and our team, in turn, decided the qualification by defeating Sweden in the last round, and we secured second place, whether we won or lost today.”

He pointed out: “Thank God, we achieved a great penalty of our goal, and we now have an opportunity to further progress in this competition. We have a strong team and good capabilities.”

He added, “We may face the German national team in the quarter-finals, which is not an easy match, especially since the teams in the other group are very similar. In order to move forward, we must face big teams. We presented a strong performance against Sweden and Portugal, who are also representatives of Europe, and their level is close to the teams.” The big thing is that the Swedish national team has already won second place in the world and we managed to beat both of them.”

Al-Ahmar confirmed: “We watched two matches for the German national team. We previously played with this team in a friendly way before participating in the Olympics, and we lost by two goals, but we were suffering from some pressure at that time.”

When asked about his great experience and the possibility of participating in the next Olympics in 2024, Al-Ahmar said: “I think it is difficult. The current Olympics may be my last tournament and I hope to win a medal.”


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