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The ball apparatus in the Red Castle continues to put points above letters on some important matters and files within the team’s ranks.

The Red Castle football team is scheduled to announce the signing of the foreign duo, Percy Tao, a South African professional in the ranks of Brighton, England, and Luis Micison, a Mozambican professional, in the ranks of Simba of Tanzania.
A strange behavior by the Al-Ahly striker in the decision to leave

Al-Ahly News learned that the decision of the Congolese professional, Walter Bwalya, to determine his next destination, caused a state of astonishment among the football apparatus in the Red Castle.

Despite the arrival of offers from Saudi Abha worth one million dollars to include him on loan for one season, and the Red Castle receiving nearly 600 thousand dollars, but the Congolese professional rejected the offer.

At a time when Walter Bwalya had also received an offer from one of the UAE league clubs, but the player refused the offer, even though it also amounts to one million dollars per season to obtain his services on loan, and although the financial return that Al-Ahly would have received would have reached to 600 thousand dollars.

In the end, Walter Bwalya agreed in principle to the move to play in the ranks of Turkish club Malatyaspor, although Al-Ahly club will only receive $ 300,000 during his transfer to the Turkish League for one season on loan.
Walter Bwalyas choice of the Turkish offer caused a state of great dissatisfaction with the Red Castle football team because the player chose the lowest financial offer on the pretext of his desire to play in Europe during the coming period.

Walter Bwalya had moved to the Red Castle from the ranks of the El-Gouna team during the last winter transfers, in a deal that cost the Red Treasury for a sum of 2 million dollars, in addition to the value of the player’s contract and other than the rewards that the player obtained for the tournaments obtained by the Red Genie despite Not sharing it.

It is worth noting that Walter Bwalya has received many local offers in the last period from the ranks of Ismaili, the Vanguard of the Army and El Gouna, but the decision on the part of the player has settled on the step of playing in Europe during the next stage.

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