Amazon delays office return until January as coronavirus cases increase


Amazon said it will not expect employees of American companies to return to their offices until next year due to the Corona virus pandemic, and the Seattle-based company said it is extending the period of working from home to January 3, 2022, from its previous guidance on September 7 for the United States and other countries that did not Name it, according to an internal memo seen by Reuters.

“As we continue to closely monitor local conditions related to COVID-19, we are adjusting our guidance for corporate employees,” the memo said. Amazon told Reuters that the health of its employees was a top priority and would continue to adhere to local government guidance for a safe return to the office. It said it would require masks in offices except for employees who check for full vaccinations.

The sharp rise in cases of the COVID-19 virus, backed by the highly contagious Delta type of virus, has prompted some major companies to postpone plans to reopen offices, and the United States has reported the highest daily average number of infections globally, at 94,819, according to data. Compiled by Reuters.

Last week, Facebook said it would extend its work-from-home policy until October 18, and said it would require vaccinations for American employees in offices, and Twitter said it would close workplaces that had already reopened, while Amazon’s action, after a week of ads from its peers, offers a look at Sophisticated safety protocols during the pandemic as well as the battle for technical talent.

The company said earlier this year that it was planning an “office-centric culture” but quickly updated the guidance to require in-person work three days a week, facing competition from start-ups and other companies offering more flexible schedules.

The latest guidance from the world’s largest online retailer does not concern warehouse operations and delivery employees, who make up the majority of its workforce, and Amazon has more than 1.3 million full and part-time employees globally.


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