Amr Diab supports the little girl, Khadija, who has a brain tumor | news


Amr Diab supported the 8-year-old girl, Khadija, who had a brain tumor, after she sang the song “Ya Ana Ya La.”

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The media, Dalia Ashraf, hosted the “8 Al-Sabah” program broadcast on the DMC satellite channel, and she sang the song “Ya Ana Ya La” by Amr Diab, which impressed the audience on social media platforms and won the approval of Amr Diab as well, as he supported the girl by liking In the video, and re-published it on his pages on social networking sites, with the comment, “Oh Khadija, O moon, the song is sweet Becky.”

The media, Dalia Ashraf, was keen on the participation and support of the girl singing.

The audience interacted with the video and prayed for her speedy recovery.

It is reported that Amr Diab performed a party in New Alamein and received on stage a young man of determination who wanted to see him closely and take a memorial photo with him, which Amr Diab did, where he took some pictures with him on the stage.

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