Apple deletes a dating app for non-vaccinated people against Corona.. know the details


Apple has removed a dating app for unvaccinated people against the coronavirus from its iOS App Store, PC Mag said.

The decision to take this step and delete the app, called Unjected, was made because it did not provide reliable health information, as the app markets itself as “a place to meet people who are not restaurants and have the same ideas.”

Perhaps what is more controversial is that the application also claims that vaccines against the Corona virus can be dangerous despite the evidence provided by American health authorities that show that vaccines are safe and effective in stopping the virus continuing to spread around the world.

Apple removed this dating app last week after Bloomberg News contacted it about the content on it, and the app recently added a news feature where users can post posts containing topics including conspiracy theories related to coronavirus vaccinations.

Apple explained that the Unjected application violated the rules of its App Store by encouraging its users to avoid using certain words such as “vaccinated”, “restaurant” and “chip” that could lead to an audit by the company, and this led to an attempt to deceive the system and thus remove the application. .


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