“Bayabi from the tap” .. A catering official reveals new details in a case


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Thursday 12 August 2021

Books – Mina Ghaly:

Engineer Abdel Moneim Khalil, Head of the Internal Trade Sector at the Ministry of Supply, revealed new details in the incident of seizing a mineral water factory that cheated and bottled gallons of regular public water.

Khalil said, in statements: We in the Ministry of Supply are working with the concerned authorities, and we have received information that a factory has stopped production lines, and the 19, 11 and 7 liter gallons are filled directly from the tap and displayed in the markets, and a major campaign was launched from the Ministry and we went to the place at the right time. Indeed, we found that the production lines were completely stopped and dusty and did not work, and the packages were filled from the tap.

Khalil added: 2030 gallons of water were seized and seized. We took samples of this water to indicate its suitability for human consumption. The matter was presented to the Public Prosecution, and it issued a decision to analyze the water.

He continued: This case is a major commercial fraud case. Because it reflects the manipulation of the health of the Egyptian citizen through fraud, and legal measures have already been taken by closing the factory; Because it is without a license and the well is without a license and does not comply with health requirements, and before that the Food Safety Authority inspected the storage places, and the factory will be closed to ensure the health and security of the Egyptian citizen.

Concerning not disclosing the name of the factory, Khalil said: If we announce the name and the matter is still in the hands of the judiciary, a defamation case will be filed against us. Because it is before the judiciary and the issue is the security of an emergency state; Because commercial fraud cases have come under emergency state security.

He continued: We received information through a complaint about the factory, and we went down to work at the end of the day, and what happened was seized.

On the spread of the commodity in the markets, Khalil explained: We sent it to the laboratories, and as soon as the result appears, the commodity that is proven to be invalid is issued a periodical book for the supply directorates, and it is collected from the markets and an official circular is issued not to deal with this commodity in the various supply directorates.

He explained how to file a complaint by calling the hotline of the Ministry and the Council of Ministers on 16280, and on the hotline of the Ministry and the Consumer Protection Agency on 19588.

Abdel Moneim Khalil, Head of the Internal Trade Authority at the Ministry of Supply, stated that a well-known brand natural water bottling plant was seized, which cheated and deceived, and filled gallons of regular public water through 5 taps, and 2030 gallons of water with a capacity of 7, 11 and 19 liters were seized, without a license and without health requirements.

He added, in a statement to Masrawy, that the seizures were seized and the incident was referred to the Public Prosecution, which decided to send samples for analysis in the central laboratories and to execute them if they did not conform to the specifications.

He explained that the campaign was formed by the sector based on information received by them, and the move was carried out secretly until the factory was seized.

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