Colors of the homeland | Dalal Abdel Aziz’s cemetery preparations.. Opening the cemetery and erecting the funeral pavilion


cemetery equipment Dalal Abdel Aziz It has witnessed many stages since the announcement of her departure after a long struggle with the new Corona virus, as he prepared the dirt by communicating with the places designated for the establishment of the funeral pavilion, as well as being in the cemetery of the Samir Ghanem family in the Nasr City area in the early morning in order to open the cemetery.

Dalal Abdulaziz Cemetery Equipment

Among the equipment of Dalal Abdel Aziz’s cemetery, he opened and cleaned it in order to receive her body a few months after the burial of her late husband, artist Samir Ghanem; Ahmed, one of the dirt officials responsible for preparing the place, said that they were informed in the evening that the cemetery was opened and the funeral pavilion was prepared and a number of chairs, pointing out that Donia Samir and Ghanem and her sister Amy have been keen to be present every Friday and distribute some meals to the poor since the departure of Samir Ghanem.

In contrast to “Amy” and “Donia”, Hossam Ghanem, brother of the late Samir Ghanem, is keen to be present every week to visit his brother and his family, as his father, Major General Youssef Ghanem, his mother, Fathia Mahmoud Helmy, and his brother, Mr. Youssef Ghanem are also present in the cemetery.

Karim Mohamed, the educational participant in the preparations for the cemetery of Dalal Abdel Aziz, told Al-Watan that he had not seen the late artist in the place before, as well as the presence of her late husband about 10 years before his departure.

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The late artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, was not buried in her hometown of Zagazig, based on the desire of her two daughters, who decided that her final resting place would be with her lover in the home of the world.

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