Colors of the homeland | Terror dominates the people of Zefta after news of a crocodile leaving the Nile… and “irrigation” is answered


He got out of the water, walked 100 meters on the asphalt, and then came back into the water, that’s how he appeared Crocodile In the village of Mit al-Mukhlis in Zefta Center, Gharbia Governorate, the people were surprised and frightened. Seeing a crocodile is unusual in Egypt, especially as it came out of the water and walked on the road.

One of the people saw the scene, and he stood for a while in amazement and did not move, while a microbus stopped during the passage, and all its passengers kept watching the scene in anticipation, until the crocodile turned again and returned to the Nile water, and the people’s talk became, and then they hired one of the divers to comb the area there, for fear from reappearing.

Wael Shaaban, a marine diver, according to an interview with Al-Watan, responded to the people’s call quickly. Coordination was made with a committee of engineering, and they sent a committee of irrigation supervisors, in the presence of the mayor of the village and a large number of residents, and carefully combed all the water, and found traces of his foot: “I found traces of his feet on the land, and I was dealing with caution for fear of his presence.”

The length of the crocodile is from 2 to 3 meters

The length of the crocodile is from 2 to 3 meters, and after it went out for a few seconds on the road, it returned to the water again. According to “Shaaban”: “The crocodile was located at the bottom of the bridge in the village of Mitt al-Mukhlis in Zefta. The water there in this area is very steep, which means that it went out on The road passed through this area.”

The marine diver asserts that the people were able to control him, but the fear of him forced them not to approach: “It was possible for any of the people to throw a cloth at him so that he could not see and then get rid of him.”

Crocodile-accustomed area

This area in the village of Mit al-Mukhlis in Zefta is used to the presence of crocodiles. Last year, Shaaban extracted more than one crocodile, from 55 cm in length to large crocodiles, stressing that he does not delay in serving the people of his town.

For his part, Engineer Adel Abdel Qader, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Irrigation in Gharbia Governorate, denied the presence of any crocodiles in Zefta Center, assuring Al-Watan that all that was circulated were baseless rumors, asking: “How does the crocodile live in a water height of up to Only a meter and a half.

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