Egypt .. A horrific video reveals that a singer miraculously escaped death


Egyptian singer Samar said that she miraculously escaped death in the North Coast accident, which she was exposed to a few days ago, as she published a video revealing the details of the incident.

Samar said: “Praise be to God, our Lord miraculously saved me from death and I returned to my children, and thank God I touched people’s love and prayers for me, and I thank everyone for their concern.”

Samar added: “Next month, I am preparing for an operation in the clavicle to install a slide, and after a while another operation will be performed to remove the chip. Thank God, my injury is not severe. My friends are with me in the car, and one of them has a broken pelvis, and the help is also currently in a coma.”

And Samar continued, “Praise be to God, I survived for the sake of my children. I have 3 children, and some do not know that I am a mother, but before the beginning of my artistic career I preferred to marry and have children first.”

Singer Samar had a traffic accident while returning from the North Coast after reviving a party there, and she was accompanied by 4 of her friends.

And in the first comment that Samar published after the accident, a while through her personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”, after she was injured and underwent surgery, saying: “My beloved, thank God, our Lord saved me from death, and thank God, I am a little better. You see me, and I will also tell you many things that happened, I love you very much, and thank you to all the people who are unable to respond to them, if you know the amount of messages, God willing, you will excuse me, our Lord is great, praise be to God.

Samar also published a video while her car exploded and charred, which was taken by one of her rescuers and her friends during the accident, and commented on the video: “Al-Arabiya before it explodes after it came out of it, and glory be to you, my Lord, how did you leave me, Karim, and people do not believe and say strange words.”



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