Egyptian-Algerian coordination on Libya and support for the stability of Tunisia


Egypt and Algeria agreed, on Saturday evening, on the need for joint coordination to support the stability of the region and resolve its crises.

Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt and his Algerian counterpart, Ramtane Lamamra, held a consultation session in Cairo, in the presence of the delegations of the two countries, to discuss ways to enhance bilateral relations, as well as exchange views on the most prominent regional issues of common concern.

From the press conference of the foreign ministers

From the press conference of the foreign ministers

During a joint press conference between the two ministers, Shoukry said, What is happening in Tunisia An internal matter, adding, “We support the security and stability of Tunisia,” while the Algerian Foreign Minister announced that the Tunisian people are able to overcome the crisis and take appropriate measures, stressing that “Algeria and Tunisia are in one trench.”

The two ministers agreed to support the internal settlement of the Libyan crisis, and the necessity of holding successful Libyan elections before the end of the year, which will serve as a basis for restoring stability to the country.

They said that their countries are united by many circles of cooperation and are working to advance bilateral relations and reach wider horizons.

The Algerian Foreign Minister stated that the meetings with Egypt will continue and will be at the level of the summit and the committees supervising bilateral cooperation and permanent coordination in various international forums.

For his part, Shoukry said that the Egyptian-Algerian relations are of great importance to Egypt, pointing to Cairos aspiration to continue joint work to face the challenges facing the two countries, and to work in the many departments that bring the two countries together, whether in the Arab League, the African Union or the non-aligned countries.

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