Egypt’s hand awaits more than one scenario for the quarter-finals


The Egyptian team is guaranteed to be in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020), but it is waiting to know its fate in the second group, waiting for the result of the match between Denmark and Sweden, and its eye on the match between Germany and Brazil in the first group.

The Pharaohs are in second place with 8 points in Group B behind Denmark, who will meet Sweden at the end of the group stage matches this afternoon.

The Egyptian team is waiting to know its opponent in the quarter-finals of the handball competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, as the quarter-final matches will be held next Tuesday.

The first of the first group meets the fourth of the second, the second of the first with the third of the second, and the third of the first with the second of the second, and the fourth of the first group meets the first of the second group.

One match was decided in the quarter-finals, where France, leaders of Group A, will meet Bahrain, fourth in Group B.

Egypt is awaiting two matches, the first of which is Denmark and Sweden to determine its final ranking in the second group, in which it is in second place, and another match between Germany and Brazil to determine the competitor.

Here are the cases that determine Egypt’s position in the group:

1- second place

In the event that Denmark defeats Sweden by any result, the ranking will be as follows: Denmark is first with 10 points, Egypt is second with 8 points, and Sweden is third with 6 points.

There is another case for second place, which is Sweden’s victory over Denmark with 6 goals or more. Egypt, Sweden and Denmark will draw with 8 points each, and therefore the goal difference is used, where Sweden becomes (+1), while Egypt (0), and Denmark will be (- 1) In this case, Sweden will be first, Egypt second, and Denmark third.

2- 1st place

This depends on Sweden’s victory over Denmark by 5 goals, provided that the final result of the match does not exceed 26-21, in favor of Sweden, which will give Egypt the lead by goal difference, with Denmark coming second and Sweden third.

In this case, the three teams will be equal in goal difference (0) for each, and therefore the goals scored in those confrontations will be resorted to, with Egypt with the largest balance of 54 goals, then Denmark 53 goals, then Sweden 48, to be Egypt first, Denmark second and Sweden third.

the third place

In the event that Sweden beat Denmark 33-28, and above that, provided that the difference is 5 goals, the three teams are equal in a balance of 8 points, and the goal difference between them is (0), and the goals scored in the confrontations between them are used, Denmark will have 60 goals, Sweden 55 goals, Egypt 54 goals, so Denmark will be the first in the group, Sweden second, and Egypt third.

Egypt’s competitor in the quarter-finals

While the Egyptian national team is waiting to know its fate, it is also waiting to know who its opponent is, and based on its position in the second group, it will meet the qualifier from the first group.

In the event that the Egyptian national team remains in second place, it will meet with the third of the first group

When Germany defeats Brazil, the German team will have 6 points, thus occupying third place, and Norway relegates to fourth place.

Thus, Egypt will meet Germany in the quarter-finals

In the event that the Brazilian team achieves a surprise and defeats Germany, the Brazilian team occupies the fourth place, and Germany relegates to the fifth to be deposited in the tournament, and Norway remains third.

Thus, Norway will meet Egypt in the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics

But if the Egyptian team ranked first, it will meet with the fourth of the first group, as if Germany wins, Germany will rise to third place and Norway will fall to the fourth, and thus Egypt will meet with fourth place.

In the event that Brazil wins, it will rise to fourth place, while Germany will be ranked fifth and will be eliminated from the tournament, thus Egypt will meet Brazil in the quarter-finals.

Whereas, in the event that Egypt occupies third place in the group, it will face the second-placed Spain team in Group A.


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