Facebook launches Horizon Workrooms app for remote meetings


Facebook has launched a test of a new remote work app for virtual reality where users of the company’s Oculus Quest 2 headphones can hold meetings as avatars of themselves, as the beta test of the Horizon Workrooms app on Facebook comes as many companies continue to work from home after the pandemic. COVID-19 is closing down actual workspaces, and as a new change is spreading across the globe.

According to the Indian TOI website, Facebook believes that its latest launch is an early step towards building the future fantasy world described by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in recent weeks, and the world’s largest social network has invested heavily in virtual and augmented reality, and is developing devices such as headphones. Oculus VR, working on augmented reality goggles and wrist technologies and buying a handful of virtual reality game studios, including BigBox VR.

The company said that gaining dominance in this area, which will become the next big computing platform on Facebook, will allow it to be less dependent in the future on other device makers, such as Apple, while the vice president of the Reality Labs group at Facebook said, the new Workrooms application. It gives a “good idea” of the company’s perception of the elements of the fictional world.

The term “metaverse,” coined in the 1992 dystopian novel Snow Crash, is used to describe immersive shared spaces accessed across different platforms where the physical and the digital converge.


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