Fame does not reflect the happiness of the artist.. Celebrities who visited the psychiatrist’s clinic


Fame and wealth do not necessarily reflect satisfaction and happiness on their owners, as they are not immune to many psychological diseases such as depression, and according to the conclusions of psychiatrists and researchers, actors, musicians and writers are more susceptible than others to these types of diseases.

In 2009, a study published by the “Journal of Phenomenological Psychology” stated that fame that brings money, immortality and distinction from people often has a price on the level of mental health, and that the image of a famous person may be completely different from the real image away from the limelight.

Yesterday, the artist, Farah Al-Zahid, stated that she suffers from a disease OCD Or obsessive-compulsive disorder during her arrival as a guest on the “With You, Mona El-Shazly” program During the episode, Farah Al-Zahid admitted that she suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, adding that anyone can commit suicide because of this disease..

Farah Al-Zahid added: I have been suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder for some time and I see that it is a nightmare, pointing out that it is not a disease to show off, and having this disease leads to suicide, and she explained that OCD is types and I do not have all of these types, but most of them, and since my childhood I have been doing By doing strange behaviors that not all people do, stressing: “I had 7 years and I doubted whether my cupboard closed or not more than 20 times. .

A number of artists announced earlier their visit to psychiatrists clinics, as artist Yousra revealed that she had gone through difficult psychological periods, especially after she lost two of her aunts, and said that she kept thinking about death a lot, so she resorted to a psychiatrist in America in 1982, and she kept answering her questions. She was crying, and when she finished answering the questions, the doctor asked her about the time she spent with her, and Yusra told her that it was only one hour, but the doctor answered that she had been crying for 4 hours straight.

Tunisian actress Hend Sabry suffered from a mental illness when she was 17 years old, and revealed in an interview during a satellite program that the reason was the separation of her parents, as she was greatly affected by this separation and underwent psychological treatment, and Sabry repeated in other television conversations that she loves psychiatric clinics and psychiatrists.

The artist Dina El-Sherbiny stated that during a period of her life she suffered from depression and went to a psychiatrist after feeling that there was more than one character inside her, so she resorted to a psychiatrist to understand the truth of the matter.

Syrian artist Basil Khayat is one of the artists who experienced a severe psychological crisis after his separation from his girlfriend, to decide to go to a psychiatrist and

The matter reached a complicated point with him, as he felt her presence and imagined that she was with him, and he overcame the matter with the help of the doctor.


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