Fantasy Premier League (2).. Mohamed Salah is the captain for the second round, Bruno and Mahrez are the most prominent alternatives


The second round of the new season begins in English Premier League “Premier League”, for the season 2021-2022, tomorrow, Saturday, against the professional Liverpool gathering in its ranks, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, with his guest, Burnley, which is scheduled for 1:30 pm, at the “Anfield” stadium.

Fans of the “Fantasy Premier League” game enters the second round, in order to choose the leader of the tour, who will be the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, for the second round in a row, especially since his team will play a relatively easy confrontation against its guest, Burnley.

And the official website of the English Premier League published the best formation for the first round, and awarded the leadership badge to the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah The Liverpool player, who will face his guest, Burnley, while the Portuguese star, Bruno Fernandes, the Manchester United playmaker, carries the substitute captain, as his team will face his Southampton counterpart.

Manchester City won the last edition of the English Premier League, for the seventh time in its history.

The following is the expected line-up from the official Fantasy website.

Goalkeeper: Guiza.

Defense: Duffy, Luke Shaw, Arnold.

Midfield: Mohamed Salah, Mahrez, Bruno Fernandez, Benrahma, Rafinha.

Forwards: Michel Antonio, Calvert Lewin.

Formation of the second round in the fantasy
Formation of the second round in the fantasy


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