FilGoal | News | Clearing for Fil Joule: The Minister of Youth promised to solve the crisis..and we are waiting for an agreement with a new sponsor


Bakri Selim, CEO of the Misr Clearing Club, stressed that the Minister of Youth and Sports promised to solve the club’s financial crisis.

Misr Clearing is going through a major financial crisis after a crisis with the sponsoring company in the recent period, which led to a complaint from more than one player.See details)

Bakri Selim said in statements toـFilGoal.comWe were in a session with the Minister of Youth and Sports a while ago and he promised to solve the financial problem between us and the sponsoring company in the coming days.

“We are waiting for an agreement with a new sponsor in the coming days in order for Egypt to return to the clearing house on the right path once again,” he added.

Misr El-Makassa occupies 12th place in the Egyptian League with 37 points.

Bakri Selim said in other statements to On Sport Radio: “The club went through a crisis that no one can bear this season. The sponsoring company canceled the contract and refused to pay and we filed a lawsuit with the Egyptian Arbitration Center. The value of our dues to the company is approximately 68 million pounds.”

He continued, “The company’s lawyer spoke with us and asked for reconciliation, but we preferred to postpone the matter until the court decides on the matter.

He continued, “The crisis prompted some players to complain and refuse to participate in the matches until their dues are paid, but it was an opportunity to push distinguished young elements.”

And Bassem Morsi concluded, “No one will leave as long as he is tied to a contract with the club except according to the rules. The clearing does not stop at a player and he has always sold distinguished elements over the past years.”

The clearinghouse will meet Al-Ahly Bank next Wednesday, August 18, to calculate the 31st round matches of the Egyptian League.


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