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Mustafa Muhammed celebrates Galatasaray’s goal against Denmark’s Renders provides live and direct coverage of the match between the Danish teams Renders and the Turkish Galatasaray in the first leg of determining the qualifiers for the European League groups.

Mustafa Mohamed will play the match with Galatasaray in the starting lineup.

The match starts at 7:00 pm Cairo time.


S 83: Sofiane Feghouli fails to score despite the goalkeeper’s absence from the goal, to miss the chance of a second fatal goal against Galatasaray.

S70: The positive tie is still in place and there are no dangerous chances in the last minutes.

S 57: Rearers equalized by Fredrik Lauenburg with a shot from inside the penalty area after the Galatasaray defenders were confused and failed to clear the ball.

S49: Simon Bisinger’s shot was blocked by Muslera.

The start of the second half.

The end of the first half, with Galata Saray leading with a goal without a response made by Mustafa Muhammad.

45th S: A strong header from Vito Hammershoe Mistrati, but Muslera saved him.

S 35: Alpaslan Ozturk hit a strong ball from a direct free kick to Galata Saray, but it passed just outside the Danish team’s goal.

S28: Simon Tipling almost equalized quickly for Rangers, but his shot went just past the post.

S 27: Karim Akturkoglu received a pass from Mustafa Mohamed in front of the penalty area and fired a superb shot from the edge of the penalty area to score the first goal for Galatasaray.

Q26: Gooooooooooooooool to Galatasaray, the opposite of the course of the meeting.

S23: Marvin Ego hit a ball from inside the penalty area, but Muslera continued to counter the Danish team’s attacks.

S15: Pressure from the Danish team, but a negative tie still exists.

S14: Marvin Ego hits a creeping ball, but Muslera saves him.

S8: Karim Akturkoglu was unique in the goalkeeper’s goal, but the goalkeeper saved his shot.

S6: Eric Marksen converts a cross from a corner kick with a strong header for the Danish Alfrey, but Muslera shines and tackles him.

The match kicks off.


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