FilGoal | News | Live Tokyo 2020 Olympics – The end of Maha Joudas third dive

5 provides live and direct coverage of the dawn and Wednesday morning competitions in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and it is a busy day for Egyptians, as we have a chance to compete for 4 medals in equestrian and wrestling.

Here are the competition dates and their live coverage.


8:00 AM (Diving) Maha Gouda – Preliminary 10 PM Fixed

Maha Gouda finishes the third dive and raises her score to 161.25 in 21st place

Maha Gouda achieves 54 points in the second dive and raises his score to 106.65 in 20th place

Maha Gouda achieved 52.65 points in the first dive in 24th place

Diving competitions start

The competitions are held from 5 dives between 30 players, and the top 18 qualify for the semi-finals


12:00 PM (Equestrian) Men’s Singles Final – Nael Nassar and Mohamed Taher Ziada


12:40 PM (Roman Wrestling) Mohamed Ibrahim El-Sayed “Kisho” – Bronze Medal Match

13:00 PM (Roman Wrestling) Mohamed Metwally – Bronze Medal Match


2:05 a.m. (javelin throwing) Ihab Abdel Rahman – Preliminary (broadcast via beIN Premium 1)

See the details of Abdul Rahman’s farewell to the javelin throwing competitions here


5:08 a.m. (Kanoe) men’s 200m quarter-finals – Moamen Mahran (broadcast via BN Extra 2)

5:50 am (Canoe) Women’s 500m Quarterfinals – Sama Ahmed (Broadcast via beIN Extra 2)

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Moamen Mahran and Sama Ahmed bid farewell to the canoe competitions

See the Tokyo 2020 medal table here

See all the dates of the Egyptian contestants from here

It can be viewed here instead of the interactive agenda here

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