FilGoal | News | Real Madrid rejects, in an official statement, the La Liga agreement with the Investment Fund


Real Madrid announced today, Thursday, in an official statement on its website, its rejection of the agreement of the Spanish League “La Liga” with the investment fund “CVC”.

The Spanish League had signed an agreement with the Investment Fund to pump 2.7 billion euros into the Spanish League to transform the competition into a digital entertainment company, with annual returns from the clubs after that for a period of 50 years.

Real Madrid’s statement read:

This agreement was made without the participation and knowledge of Real Madrid, and for the first time, La Liga allowed us to have limited access to the terms of the agreement.

The clubs have allocated audio-visual rights to be marketed in a competitive system for three years, but this agreement is a deceptive system and the clubs confiscate 10.95% of those rights for a period of 50 years, which is against the law.

The negotiation process took place without a competitive process with the investment fund giving returns of more than 20% per year, the same opportunistic fund that tried to make similar deals in the Italian and German leagues.

Real Madrid cannot support an agreement that puts the future of 42 clubs in the first and second divisions and the clubs that will qualify during those next 50 years in the hands of investors.

Real Madrid intends to hold a meeting with the partners to discuss the agreement and the huge losses unprecedented in our 119-year history.


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