FilGoal | News | The German player after the defeat against Egypt: We will be greatly affected by what happened .. And the goalkeeper: We faced an impenetrable dam


The German handball players admitted Egypt’s right to qualify for the semi-finals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, after losing to the Pharaohs today, Tuesday, 31-26.

For the European champion 5 years ago and the bronze medalist of the last Olympic Games, the exit from the quarter-finals came as a thunderbolt for the Germans, who expressed their deep sorrow at the early farewell to the Olympics.

In statements to German media, Uwe Gensheimer said: “The disappointment is great, the defeat will affect us for a long time.”

While his colleague Philip Webber commented, “It feels very bad.”

Coach Alfred Jeslason did not hide the Egyptians’ right to win, saying: “We did not deserve to qualify today.”

While goalkeeper Joannis Peter praised the performance of the Pharaohs, saying: “We faced an impenetrable Egyptian wall today.”

While Timo Kastening told ZDF channel: “At the level of defense, attack and goalkeeper, we were not at our best.”

And Bob Hanning, vice president of the German Handball Federation, expressed his concern for the team in the long run, given that the goal was to win a medal in the Olympic Games, as he explained.

“It’s disappointing,” Hanning said after the match, in comments published by Handball-World. “We had the ability to go far without a doubt, but we did not perform as expected.”

And he continued, “Our list was not strong enough this time, and we said we have to tackle this with a strong team performance, because far from Hendrik Bekeler we miss a player who makes the difference in defense.”

“The goal was set before we got the bronze in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and before we won the European title in 2016. This generation should have been crowned with gold now, but when you look at the development of the team after that, we have to admit that we deserve to be eliminated.”

“I do not imagine that we will play the same list of players in the coming years, but this will happen, I think.”

The Pharaohs became the first Arab and African team to reach the semi-finals of the men’s handball tournament at the Olympics.

They hit an expected date with France next Thursday morning.

In the other semi-finals, world champions Denmark will play against Spain.


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