FilGoal | News | Zamalek coach to the Joule: The Football Association should have punished themselves for poor organization


Zamalek coach Ahmed Abdel-Maqsoud believes that the Football Association should have punished itself, not Shikabala.

The Football Association had issued a statement announcing the suspension of Shikabala, the captain of Zamalek, for 8 months, and a fine of 500,000 pounds. (See the decisions of the Football Association in full)

Ahmed Abdel-Maqsoud said in statements“Sad for what happened to the Egyptian football.

“The first was to hold themselves accountable for the poor organization and punish themselves,” he added.

Abdel-Maqsoud completed, “What did Shikabala and Hazem Imam do to get that penalty? Is it the penalty for Zamalek to win the league?”

Zamalek issued an official statement, announcing the rejection of the decisions of the Football Association, and preserving its right to take the necessary measures against the invalid decisions. (See the statement)

The Football Association revealed The reasons for the decision to stop Shikabala, and what Zamalek can do against it. (see detailsNS)


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