General Motors launches a distinctive and affordable family car


General Motors launches a distinctive and affordable family car


General Motors revealed its new family car, which it designed with the Chinese SAIC, to be one of the most distinguished and cheapest family vehicles.

The new car came with a uniquely designed minivan chassis of 5 meters and 15 mm in length and 184 cm in width, and the distance between the axles of the wheels is 280 cm, while its wheels are 16 inches.

As for its cabin from the inside, it is equipped with several rows of seats that can accommodate 6 or 8 passengers, and it has an advanced multimedia system that can be controlled via a touch screen, and the cabin is equipped with the latest heating and air conditioning systems.

This vehicle will be offered with 1.5-liter turbocharged engines that generate 147 horsepower, working with five-speed mechanical gearboxes and six-speed automatic gearboxes.

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It will also offer special versions designed for lovers of trips in nature, equipped with wheels and suspension systems for off-road, and can control the positions of the roof and the sides of the body to turn the car into a miniature house on wheels.

Despite the distinctive specifications of these vehicles, they will be among the most competitive vehicles in their category in terms of price, as their prices will start from 9100 dollars.

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