Good girl “killed” .. What happened inside the famous mall?


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Thursday 05 August 2021

Beheira – Ahmed Nasra:

Najla chose the path of struggle and self-reliance since her childhood. She did not rest and was determined to join an honorable job to lift the burden from her simple working father; To save the expenses of her studies, however, the journey in search of a living did not forget her to give part of her time and life to doing charitable work, so she turned into an icon of charitable work in the city of Kafr al-Dawwar, Beheira Governorate; Many are saddened by the news of her murder while working in a clinic in a famous mall.

At midday last Tuesday, news spread of a murder inside the mall, so Najlas friends rushed to contact her to find out what happened, but they did not receive a response.

“Her phone was switched off, but I also thought that she could be the victim, until the news broke, and I was falling from my height from shock… Manar tells how she received the shock of her friend’s death.”

Najla was not happy with the joy of her success and graduation from the Faculty of Commerce, which she joined her open education, her friend May says: “You are happy with her graduation, Najla was loved by all people and she gave her life to volunteer and do charity work, and at the same time she struggled and worked to save her expenses and the expenses of her studies.”

May continued: “Her death was a shock to all of us. The crime took place in a large mall and in the middle of the day.”

Najla was involved in many volunteer activities, some of which she organized by herself and others in partnership with other organizers.

Haitham Abdelaziz, founder of one of the volunteer teams, says: “Najla used to participate with us in various events, and the last thing she participated in with us was on Eid. She loved to draw joy on everyone’s faces.”

Ahmed Al-Janayni says: “Najla has known her for 3 years. At the beginning of my acquaintance with her, we used to collect alms together for debt cases and sick cases. Naglaa was seeking goodness in all directions, God, and she was one of the kindest people and she had no problem that she would go to any place because she was sure that Charity rises to its people, may God have mercy on her, give patience to her family, reward her for her efforts, and take revenge on the one who killed her, the most severe revenge.

And “Dunia” describes: “Najla’s killing is not only the pain of the hearts of her family and friends, no, this is the pain of all of Kafr Al-Dawwar, the pain of everyone who heard about this incident. And they are standing and seeing their daughter drowning in her blood, the shape of her mother, who is helpless, and it is a rule that belies all those who say that she has died, their shape is a pain in the hearts of all who saw them.

Some residents of Kafr al-Dawwar pointed out the danger of some floors inside the mall, due to the fact that many units are not occupied, especially in the upper floors, where the crime scene clinic is located on the sixth floor.

Shaima says: “My heart hurts for you. It hurts, the mall where the accident happened, I said so and so once, that if you kill a dead person in it, no one will feel, there is how many roles like that, literally working in the semi-cave.”

As if she was feeling the approaching end of her life, Najlaa wrote on her page a few weeks before her death: “And if the news of my death comes to you, give charity to my soul, even with half a date.”

A forensic source stated that the initial report indicates that the death was caused by asphyxia by suffocation, and the perpetrators used the scarves that the victim was wearing at the time of the accident.

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