Hamada Hilal’s gift to high school students .. the song “Success is the best gift”


Artist pose Hamada HilalA new song, titled Success is the Sweetest Gift, is a celebration of the announcement of the result of high school, and he gave it to all students after the official announcement on Tuesday morning of the result, and the song was written by Ahmed Gharib, composed by Tiam Ali and Hamada Hilal, and distributed by Mido Music.

Hilal is currently preparing to release 3 new songs that will be shown during the current month, through which he is cooperating for the first time with distributors, composers and young authors, and these songs discuss a number of different topics.

He hoped that these songs would be successful and praised by the audience Hamada Hilal He said that he is currently reading a number of scenarios for cinematic works, and he will decide his participation in them in the coming days, and he will also choose between more than one TV series, to participate in the upcoming Ramadan drama season.

Hilal indicated that he is currently rehearsing, in order to revive a concert on the northern coast this month, but the deadline has not been set yet, and he expressed his happiness with the success of his last song entitled Umm Ahmed, which was released with the blessed Eid al-Adha.

He explained that this light song is suitable for the summer season, while Hamada Hilal recently released the clip of his song “Mashtiqin”, a religious song from the words of Muhammad Ibrahim, composed by Ahmed Zaim, and distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim, and a number of artists and athletes participated in the clip.

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