Handball.. What did Egypt’s stars do in the first round of the Olympics?


Egypt qualified for the quarter-finals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics handball competition, before one round of the group stage, after defeating Sweden in the fourth round of this round.

The Pharaohs qualified after they scored 8 points from 4 matches they won over Portugal, Japan, Sweden and Bahrain, and the only loss was against Denmark, the world champion and gold holder in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

The Egyptian national team performed strongly during its five matches in the group stage.

Yalakoura reviews the most prominent figures of Egypt during the group stage:-

Egypt scored 154 goals, while conceding 134 goals, and has a goal difference advantage (+20).

Ahmed Hisham Dodo and Yahya Khaled are Egypt’s top scorers in the group stage with 22 goals, behind them are Ahmed Al-Ahmar with 21 goals, and Mohamed Sanad with 20 goals.

Ali Zain and Yahya Khaled are the most goals-making players in Egypt with 11 assists each, followed by Yahya Al-Dara’ with 10 assists, and Ahmed Hisham Dodo with 8 assists.

As for cutting balls, Yahya Khaled is the most player in Egypt to cut balls with 5 times, followed by Ali Zain and Ahmed Hisham Dodo with 4 times each, and behind them Sanad with 3 times.

As for the defensive level, Ibrahim Al-Masry comes on the list of the most players in general during the Olympic handball competitions, and in particular among the players of the Egyptian team, he tackled the ball (Block) with a score of 11 times, with an average of 2.2 times per match.

Among the Egyptian players who blocked the shots (Block), Ali Zain, Yahya Al-Daraa and Ahmed Doudou came with one save for each player.

As for goalkeepers:

Mohamed Essam Al-Tayyar saved 31 shots in the 5 matches that the team played during the group stage, with a success rate of 32.3%.

While Karim Hendawy’s total number of saves in the 5 matches was 29, with a success rate of 29.6%.


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