Hani Ramzy: 3 differences between the African nations and the Olympics


Hani Ramzy, former coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, identified three differences between the Olympic team in the African Nations Under-23 Championship, which he crowned, and the Tokyo Olympics, which was eliminated from the quarter-finals by the Brazilian team, with a 1-0 loss.

“The level in the African nations under 23 years was different from the level at which the team appeared in the Olympics,” Hani Ramzy said in radio statements to “Youth and Sports” channel this morning.

He added, “The audience in the African Nations Under-23 Championship in Egypt was very large, and compensating for the failure of the first team in the African Nations 2019 was a goal for the players to provide the best.”

He continued, “There are also players who were not stars with their clubs, like the current situation, and there was a fighting spirit in the African Nations Championship, unlike the Olympics.”

He stressed: “The culture of the Egyptian player will not differ from day and night. It requires a great effort, and clubs must allow young players to become professional so that they adapt to the atmosphere and do not feel the technical differences between them and foreign players.”

He continued, “The differences between Egypt and Brazil were clear, there are 7 players from the Brazilian national team who play in the major leagues, but we could have played a better match, possessed the ball and created opportunities to appear more offensively.”

He continued, “In the Argentina match, there was awe for the name of Argentina, although the team was not very strong. We lacked courage and courage, and there was awe among the players of Egypt.”

The coach of the Egyptian national team in the London 2012 Olympics recalled the memories of the Brazil match, saying: “We were 3-0 behind in the result during the first quarter of an hour of the match because of the fear of names in the Brazilian team, and this fear took half an hour.”

Hani Ramzy concluded, “I asked the players between the two halves of the match to free themselves from pressure and play the ball, and indeed we managed to score two goals during the second half, even if we lost, but there was a reaction and the team’s form was good.”


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