Happy news about Dalal Abdel Aziz: There is an improvement


A source close to the artist revealed Dalal Abdel Aziz , about a pleasant surprise regarding the latest health developments in the condition of the big star, explaining that there has been a noticeable improvement in her health condition in the past few hours.

The source added, that the star, Dalal Abdel Aziz, is under direct care by a group of professors who specialize in chest diseases inside the government hospital, to which she was recently transferred in the past few days, and after suffering from the effects of her infection with the new Corona virus two and a half months ago.

Dalal Abdel Aziz

The source explained that Dalal Abdel Aziz; She needs medical oxygen permanently and continuously after the Corona virus caused fibrosis in her lung.

The source indicated that she can talk and walk normally, and her family is with her permanently and continuously, and there is a great possibility that she will leave the hospital within two weeks from now at the latest.


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