He forced his wife to imitate pornographic films.. She killed him


Investigations into the killing of an employee by his wife in the Imbaba area revealed that the accused got rid of her husband and separated his head from his body Because of his constant desire to have a gay sexual relationshipThe Public Prosecution decided to refer her to the Criminal Court.

The accused said in the investigations that she took advantage of her husband falling asleep and entered the kitchen and took a knife and hit him 5 stab wounds in the abdomen until he breathed his last, then separated his head from his body, noting that the husband was watching pornographic films and asking her to imitate abnormal and forbidden situations, and when she refused, he was encroaching on her beating.

And she added: “I killed him because he was going too far in his requests every day in the relationship, so I cut his body to pieces and wrapped it in a blanket and threw it in the trash bin, while the head I put it in a garbage bag and threw it in the Abu Al-Nimros area, south of Giza.”

The security services in Giza received a report that body parts had been found in a rubbish bin in the Imbaba area.

The research team was able to identify and seize the woman, and she was instructed on the location of the victim’s head and the weapon used in the crime, and a report was issued, and she was referred to the Public Prosecution.


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