Her father confirmed that it is a “regime” .. a doctor exposes the secret of Hanadi Muhannas agility


The appearance of the Egyptian artist Hanadi Muhanna, the daughter of the famous musician Hani Muhanna, with a graceful body recently, raised many questions about the secret of her weight loss after her marriage, and some suggested that she had undergone a gastric sleeve or liposuction, but her father denied performing any operations, explaining that his daughter underwent a regimen. Very harsh food for 4 months straight.

But the surprise was after a consultant of obesity and plastic surgery published a picture through his own account on “Instagram” to expose the secret of the sudden agility.

The doctor wrote on their photo, “Thank you, artist Hanadi Muhanna, for your trust in the group of Dr. Osama Taha, a consultant in obesity and plastic surgery,” confirming the suspicions of some about her undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

Egyptian media reported that Hanadi lost 30 kilograms of weight. While those close to her confirmed that what encouraged her to perform the surgery, the bullying she was subjected to from the public in Ramadan 2020, due to her weight gain in the series “Betrayal of the Covenant” with the artist Yousra.

Hanadi Muhanna with her husband before losing weight

Hanadi Muhanna with her husband before losing weight

Hanadi appeared with a very graceful appearance and a dazzling look that drew the audience at the marriage ceremony of a producer from the artistic community, and also during the special screening of the movie “Arif”, starring her husband, artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, and refused to hold press and media interviews.


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