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10:09 am | Tuesday 03 August 2021

Schubert: Al-Ahly set a high price for Diang... and the player surprised the club with his position

Aliou Diang Al-Ahly player

The journalist Ahmed Schubert, the former goalkeeper of the Egyptian national team and Al-Ahly, and the former vice-president of the Football Association, spoke about the reality of Mali’s departure Aliu Diang, the player of the Red Castle, especially after news circulated about the existence of an official offer from the Turkish Galatasaray, stressing that Al-Ahmar wants 8 million dollars in exchange for dispensing with the player, but the latter supports his club’s position, and prefers to stay over leaving.

وقال Ahmed Schubert, in his radio program, on “Radio On Sport FM”: “There is a real and very serious offer from the Turkish club Galatasaray to join Aliu Diang during the summer transfer window.”

The value of Galatasaray’s offer to include Aliu Diang from Al-Ahly

Schubert added that Galatasaray began offering $4.5 million to include Diang, which was completely rejected by Al-Ahly management.

The former Vice-President of the Football Association added that the Turkish club raised the value of its financial offer, to 5 and then 5.5 million dollars, which indicates Galatasaray’s insistence on including the Al-Ahly midfielder.

Aliu Diang’s position on continuing with Al-Ahly and determining its sale price

Ahmed Schubert continued, that the Al-Ahly administration will not neglect Aliou Diang, stressing that the player’s position himself is supportive of the club; He is committed to completing his career with the red team, as long as the team needs him.

Schubert confirmed that Al-Ahly club wants 8 million dollars to dispense with Aliou Diang, and he may agree to reduce the amount to only 7 million, while receiving a percentage of 20 to 25% of his resale.

The former Al-Ahly and Egypt goalkeeper pointed out that Aliou Diang is a high-class player, and it is natural that he will be a professional in Europe, and is expected to play in the future in one of the major European leagues, such as England or Spain.


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