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06:15 PM | Tuesday 03 August 2021

The fact that Pyramids visited Al-Ahly Club regarding Ibrahim Adel and Nasser Maher

Al-Ahly and Pyramids

A source within the Pyramids club revealed the fact that the administration visited the club Al AhlyDuring the coming period, to calm matters between the two clubs, which witnessed some tension in the recent period, due to some deals that Al-Samawi obtained during the last summer transfers, which caused a state of anger among the Al-Ahmar fans, most notably the duo Ramadan Sobhi and Ahmed Fathi, along with some The exchange deals that he intends to conclude between the two clubs in the upcoming transfer period, led by Ibrahim Adel and Nasser Maher.

Pyramids’ visit to Al-Ahly Club has not been finalized

A source inside the club said PyramidsWhat was reported about a visit to Al-Ahly Club during the coming period, regarding calming the charged atmosphere between the two clubs and clearing the atmosphere, in addition to some exchange deals, was not officially talked about during the last period.

Nasser Maher Al-Ahly player

The source confirmed that there are already some exchange deals that each club intends to take advantage of in the upcoming summer transfers. Al-Ahly wants to sign Ibrahim Adel, while Al-Samawi is with Nasser Maher, but these matters have not been finalized, as is the visit.

Ibrahim Adel, Pyramids player

The source explained that there is a great desire on the part of Al-Ahly to contract with Ibrahim Adel, and the same thing they have with Nasser Maher, and there is a possibility to conclude mutual deals, and all matters are still on the table.

Letters of congratulations and clearing between Al-Ahly and Pyramids

The last period witnessed letters of congratulations between Al-Ahly and Pyramids; The latter sent a congratulatory letter to the Red Castle, after winning the tenth African Champions League title in its history, at the expense of Kaizer Chiefs.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly sent a letter to the Pyramids Club, to make a set-off between the dues of the heavenly team regarding the special rewards in the transfer contract of Mohamed Magdy “Qafsha”, and the dues of the Red Castle for the sponsorship of Ramadan Sobhi.


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