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11:32 PM | Saturday 14 August 2021

The Olympic Committee retracts and decides to re-elect the 5 federations and cancel the acclamation

Statement of the Egyptian Olympic Committee

I decided Egyptian Olympic Committee Reversing its decision to hold elections for some federations Through the general assemblies held before and during the Olympics, and the re-elections of those federations that were all decided by acclamation, namely the equestrian, swimming, table tennis and basketball federations.

Text of the Egyptian Olympic Committee statement

The Egyptian Olympic Committee said that, in the context of seeking to investigate the right thing, working to stimulate the spirit of competition, and expand the circle of participation in the elections of sports federations, the Egyptian Olympic Committee concluded, in appreciation of all the above and other considerations, to stop the convening of all general assemblies of sports federations; Whether board seats are decided by acclamation, or elections are held to choose their boards of directors.

The committee added, in a statement issued by it a short time ago, that based on it; A timetable has been approved for the start and entry into force of new procedures for the convening of the general assemblies of sports federations starting on Saturday 28/8/2021, where elections are called and the door for nominations for boards of directors is opened for a period of (7) days, provided that the rest of the procedures go forward according to the received and specified dates The Sports Law and the statutes of the approved sports federations, in line with international conventions, with full emphasis on preserving the right of general assemblies to choose their boards of directors.

The Egyptian Olympic Committee, headed by Hisham Hatab, affirmed its keenness to coordinate permanently with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and all concerned national authorities, and to remove confusion that may occur or be attached to any of the procedures in order to establish and affirm confidence in the convening of general assemblies, to reach the best elements that participate in managing the affairs of the state. Sports.

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