How to eat bread without gaining weight


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Share Eat This, Not That! Dietitian recommendations from the United States on eating bread.

Experts advise combining bread with fat, as well as eating it in moderation.

Talking about how to eat bread without gaining weight, Rebecca Lewis, one of the experts, said the product should not contain a lot of refined carbohydrates and artificial additives.

“If the list of ingredients in bread starts with sugar, sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, or white wheat flour, it should be limited,” she said.

According to another expert at the portal, Nutritionist Tasima Bhatia, bread made from sourdough, which means the fermentation process, should be preferred for consumption. The expert pointed out that fermented foods in general have a better effect on digestion and metabolism.

At the same time, the expert advises to eat any bread, including high-quality, strictly in moderation. Many types of bread contain refined grains, the consumption of which in large quantities inevitably raises blood sugar levels and increases fat.

“Mix the bread with the healthy fats, with the protein – a little bit of meat or tofu will balance out the carbs,” she said.

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