How to visit a patient and attend a funeral and a party in one day.. Rajaa Al-Jeddawi answers


The late Rajaa Al-Jeddawi spoke, on the “Evening Beauty with Dalal and Mervat” program, about the reason for her presence and her keenness to offer the duty of condolences and the movement that she made for Mervat Amin and Dalal Abdel Aziz when attending a funeral, a patient and a party in one day.

And Raja Al-Jeddawi said: “Condolences with his work from my heart. This is a last duty. We do it to the extent that we will not see him again. Condolence is not in his soul, because I speak on TV, because in principle, we remain without makeup and I do not want to speak to myself in spirit because it is a duty.”

And Dalal Abdel Aziz said to her: You taught us a movement when one day we visit a sick person and he remains behind us, mourning and a party, all on the same day, so that Raja would respond, saying: “We wear black in mourning without accessories, and we wear colored scarves, because when we enter into the public eye, we are depressed, and he is near death, and we take the accessories to remove the scarf. We put on the accessories, we stay like the moon, and we enter the party.”

And the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, left, last Saturday, after a struggle with complications from the Corona virus that lasted for three months, and Samir Ghanem had passed away on May 20, after a struggle with the virus itself.


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