Hussein Labib: Whoever does not want to congratulate us does not underestimate our right, and we want to maintain an 8-point difference with Al-Ahly


Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of managing Zamalek Club, expressed his great happiness at winning the White Castle team in the General League for the 13th time in the club’s history. As I made them happy as a player, I made them happy as an official, any team other than Zamalek, if it faced our circumstances, would not have been able to crown the title.”

He continued: “I am very sad about some people who doubted our victory in the championship because it was the most difficult in the history of the league, a club that had to change its boards of directors 3 times, the players did not feel safe and there were a lot of problems.”

He added: “After all this effort and the departure of important elements, our Lord has crowned our efforts with success, and no one can diminish our efforts, when we work with all effort and sincerity, everyone must give us our right. He doesn’t want to congratulate us, he doesn’t say anything that underestimates our right.”

Labib said: “Every week we sit with Carteron and discuss everything. My relationship with him is excellent. We meet all his requests and he appreciates us very much. We still have a match in the league and I see maintaining an 8-point difference with Al-Ahly in the league race, and there are exceptional rewards that started from the previous five matches.”


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