I have a man coming from abroad .. New Zealand discovers a highly mutated strain of Corona


I have a man coming from abroad .. New Zealand discovers a highly mutated strain of Corona



The New Zealand Ministry of Health confirmed the discovery of a new, highly mutated strain of the Corona virus at the end of last June in a man coming from abroad, according to the newspaper, “New Zealand Herald”, quoting an official in the ministry.

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New Zealand .. the extension of the closure and the outbreak of Delta

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health told the newspaper that the man infected with the С strain. 1.2 “On arrival, he was placed in a government quarantine centre, which allowed the spread of infection to be avoided.”

He added, “The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring all strains of corona of concern. This is one of the reasons why we are checking the genome sequence of the virus in all positive samples.”

On Monday, Ayuitness news portal reported that a new strain of coronavirus, called C. 1.2, was discovered by specialists at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in South Africa.

According to scientists, the iron strain may be more contagious and at the same time more resistant to vaccines.

Recent research indicates that C. 1.2 has already infiltrated the Democratic Republic of the Congo, China, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland and Mauritius.

The New Zealand authorities extended earlier this month the national closure they imposed to contain the new epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic, amid fears of an escalation of the outbreak of the highly contagious “delta” mutant.

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