Iconic space pen inventor inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame


More than 50 years after compact typewriters first entered orbit, Fisher SpaceBen and his founder are inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

The company of the same name is being honored this week and held as part of the Space Corporation’s 36th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, the Fisher Space Pen is being introduced as an organization and Paul Sue Fisher, inventor of the iconic space pen, will be posthumously inducted as an individual (Fisher died in 2006 at the age of 93).

“We are grateful to be inducted into the Space Foundation’s 2021 Space Technology Hall of Fame, on behalf of my grandfather Paul C. Fisher, my father Carrie Fisher, my brother Paul, myself and everyone else at Fisher SpaceBean,” said Matt Fisher, Vice President of Fisher SpaceBean, in a statement. We thank the Space Foundation for this wonderful honor

Matt Fisher, Carrie Fisher, president of Fisher Space Bean, and Paul Fisher, director of the company’s plant, were in Colorado for the event, with Joshua Skidmore, director of sales and marketing.

Since 1988, the Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame has enlisted individuals, organizations, and companies that have adapted first-developed technologies for use in space to improve the quality of life here on Earth. They are then reviewed by the Committee of Space and Technology Experts.

“The Space Technology Hall of Fame honors not only breakthrough innovation and ingenuity, but also the craftsmanship and passion that these incredible displays display,” said Rich Cooper, Vice President of the Space Corporation for Strategic and Communications. Her outstanding company has exceptional leaders to recognize and inspire, and it is a great honor to welcome them to the Space Technology Hall of Fame..”

Contrary to an old urban legend, NASA didn’t spend millions of dollars to create a pen for astronauts to use in space. Instead, Paul C. Fisher, a private inventor, spent $1 million developing a pressurized cartridge that uses nitrogen gas to force thixotropic ink to flow from ballpoint pens..

The resulting pen was not only able to write in extreme temperatures, upside down and underwater, but also in the microgravity environment of outer space.


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