If your child has the Delta Plus variant.. Learn about the symptoms and ways to deal with it


After the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that the first case appeared last month from Variable delta plus The Corona mutant, “The Seventh Day” presents to its readers the symptoms of the variable, according to the “Seventh Day” website.healthline“Medical.

The report confirmed that coughing and loss of smell, i.e. loss of sense of smell, is one of the least common symptoms when infected with the Delta Plus variant, but infection, headache, sore throat, runny nose and fever, i.e. high body temperature, are among the main symptoms..

Delta plus variant in children

Symptoms of delta plus variant in children

In this context, Dr. Michael Grosso, chief of pediatrics at Huntington Hospital in Northwell Health, said that there are some symptoms that a child with a delta variant develops, including high body temperature, coughing, with nasal symptoms, i.e. runny nose and gastrointestinal symptoms. And a rash in some, and there are some other symptoms, including:

– Abdominal pain.

Eye redness.

Tightness or pain in the chest.

– Diarrhea.

Feeling very lethargic.

Severe headache.

Low blood pressure

Neck pain.


The report stressed that it is necessary in the event of these symptoms on the child to carry out laboratory analyzes and swab for him immediately, especially in the event of symptoms in the respiratory system, and in the event that the infection is positive, he must be isolated until the symptoms disappear.

What do parents do when isolating their children with Delta Plus variant?

The report indicated that if the child’s test result is positive, but he is in good health and does not need to stay in the hospital, then parents should monitor the child’s breathing problems and follow these tips:

Drink plenty of fluids to strengthen the immune system.

Ventilate the child’s isolated room for air flow.

Allocate a special bathroom for the sick child.

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