In his first concert after his health crisis… Hani Shaker’s wife and son support him


After he overcame his recent health crisis, after which he was admitted to the hospital, Egyptian star Hani Shaker performed at the Fountain Theater in the Opera House, during which he appeared in full artistic fitness… He was keen to attend to support Shaker in his first concert after his health crisis, his wife and son.

Shaker, accompanied by the orchestra led by Maestro Dr. Mustafa Helmy, sang a selection of his songs that the audience interacted with. He also made sure to sing to the late “Nightingale Al-Asmar” Abdel Halim Hafez, songs: “With Embraces”, “Repentance” and “I swear by His Name”…

Hani Shaker had been keen to communicate with his fans to reassure them of his health, and published a video clip through his account on “Instagram” in which he said: “My beloved audience, I reassure you, thank God, I remain better. It will be a period of recuperation.” And he added, “God willing, as long as you are with me, our Lord will never answer a desperate need. I am just reassuring you, because the people who are going to say things are not right, and you are afraid of many people, and you worry about the social media. God suffices and he is the best agent in these people.”


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