Issued in November.. 7 advantages for the first 10 plastic pounds in Egypt


08:32 PM

Saturday 31 July 2021

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry:

Next November, the Central Bank will issue the first banknote made of polymers or plastic, denomination of 10 pounds.

The Central Bank informed President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of this new money, which will be printed in the new Central Bank printing press in the Administrative Capital.

Engineer Khaled Farouk, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the Printing House, said in statements to Masrawy today that the samples of the new banknote that the president was briefed on are the plastic 10 pounds coin made of (polymer) that the central bank intends to print officially next November, and the central bank has settled on Some models of the plastic 10 pound note to be the first coin to be made of polymer material in Egypt.

In the following lines, Masrawy presents 7 advantages of printing plastic coins compared to paper:

1- It has a longer life span than a paper bank, so it lasts 3 times the life span of its paper counterpart.

2- It is non-polluting to the environment and made of environmentally friendly materials.

3- Resistant to moisture and microbes.

4- Resistant to wear and water.

5- Low cost due to its longer life span.

6- Resistant to counterfeiting.

7- The plastic currency of 10 pounds will not cancel the same denomination of paper currency, but the two denominations will be available in the market.

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