Italian Jacobs successor to Bolt in 100 m


Jacobs, 26, finished the race with a time of 9.80 seconds, ahead of American Fred Curley (9.84 seconds), who won silver, and Canadian Andre de Grasse (9.89), who won bronze.

Jacobs became the first Italian to win gold in this title or even be on the podium.

“It’s a dream, that’s great,” he said after the win. “Now I don’t understand what happened. Maybe tomorrow.”

Asked if he expected to win gold before coming to Tokyo, “No, my dream was to reach the final, I arrived and won. I don’t know what happened but I’m really happy. It was a great race, I don’t have the words!”

The feat comes as a surprise to the El Paso, Texas, runner, to an American father and an Italian mother, as he had not previously achieved remarkable results.

In the absence of the American world champion Christian Coleman for violating the rules of doping, and the failure of the American Trayvon Brommel, the fastest time this year (9.77 seconds), to qualify for the final, the race seemed wide open to determine the identity of the successor to the world record holder Bolt (9.58 seconds), who retired in year 2017.


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