Jean-Claude Van Damme helps a jewelry thief accidentally escape this week


It is no secret how famous and loved by many the distinguished actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, who has been an icon in action films over the past decades, but inadvertently, Van Damme was implicated in a criminal scenario this week, while he was in Paris on Tuesday. The actor accidentally helped a jewelry thief escape from the police, according to for TMZ . report.

Van Damme draws a crowd of fans during his ophthalmologist appointment. As people gather around Van Damme to catch a glimpse of the actor and get autographed by him, a gray-haired man steals gems and jewelry, and the man breaks into the shop on a motorbike. The value of these jewelry is between 2 to 3 million euros.

NSWhile there were many potential witnesses in the area, the lawyers stated that most of the attention of the witnesses and audience in the street was on the “Vandam”, which gave the thief an opportunity to escape undetected and learn the specifications of the motorbike.

But while Van Damme’s presence distracted the witnesses from the thief, CCTV captured the entire incident, and the police arrested two suspects and recovered a large portion of the stolen goods.

according to to report EuronewsThe two were arrested after traveling by bus, “Moselle”, which is located in eastern France near the country’s border with Germany.


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