Jurgen Klopp bets his money on Salah


Liverpool coach Jergen Klopp has stated that they are breaking the state of concentration in the camps by organizing a table tennis tournament, explaining that if he bet his money on someone to win, it would be Mohamed Salah.

In his statements to the official Liverpool website, today, Sunday, Klopp said, in response to a question on who would bet his money in table tennis: “I forgot these things (but) 100 per cent is not on me. I think Mo (Mohamed Salah) wins regularly, if I am right by a percentage. 100 percent with the Oaks last year.”

He continued: “You have to be lucky in the draw, which is what happens unfortunately, if you are a very good player with one of the team members, there is no chance! All boys are pretty good. But the good feeling about that tournament is that you have to carry your partner. During the tournament, too.

“I would say in the table tennis tournament, you have to be more lucky. Really. If you get the wrong partner… you know in table tennis: you play the ball, then he plays it, and you play it again. It’s a 50 percent chance.” Per cent that the ball flies across the room. That happens often.”

Liverpool is in the preparation camp in preparation for the launch of the 2021-2021 season during the month of August.


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