Karim Nedved is wanted in 3 clubs after returning to Al-Ahly matches


Karim Nedved, the star of Al-Ahly club, received 3 local offers to leave his team during the upcoming summer transfer period, after returning to his team’s matches after appearing in the list of the Tigris match yesterday in the General League, which the Red team decided with two goals against one goal to top the table of the General League competition with 61 points. Outperforming Zamalek because of the direct confrontations, which are in the interest of the Red Team.

Despite Karim Nedved’s absence from Al-Ahly for a long period of 846 days, there is a great conviction in his abilities from club officials wishing to sign him to strengthen their ranks in the new season, especially since he is a Joker player who is good at playing in more than one position.

The last match that Nedved participated in was against Egypt for clearing in the league on April 10, 2019, that is, two years, 3 months and 3 weeks ago, which equals 846 days. He was crowned with the Red Genie three times in the league, the Egypt Cup once, and the same for the local super.

The Al-Ahly administration is scheduled to decide Nedved’s fate, whether by keeping him in the new season or agreeing to loan him to one of the Egyptian clubs that requested his inclusion.


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