Khaled Jalal about his player standing on the ball: He will be severely punished


Khaled Galal, the technical director of Al-Ahly Bank Club, apologized to the officials of the Misr Al-Maqasa Club after Mohamed Essam, the Al-Ahly Bank player, stood on the ball.

The National Bank of Egypt had succeeded in achieving a victory against Misr El-Makassa 5-3 in the match of the 31st round of the Premier League.

In the last 10 minutes of the match, Mohamed Essam stood on the ball and received a yellow card, and an argument occurred after the match.

“The scenario that I drew for the match was achieved, praise be to God, the match for survival, life or death, and thank God for the result,” Khaled Jalal said in statements to the “Al-Match” program via “Echo of the Country.”

He added, “The worst thing in the match is the shot of Mohamed Essam standing on the ball, an unacceptable behavior. I reject these matters. It happened before in the match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek through Ramadan Sobhi.”

He stressed, “Of course, what happened provoked the clearing players, the match is beautiful and the result is good for us, why do we provoke the opponent with that movement?”

“I kissed the head of Mohamed Abdel-Galil, the coach of Egypt for clearing, and I apologize to them,” he said.

He concluded, “There is a severe penalty for Mohamed Essam, a large fine and a suspension. This behavior is not acceptable in a club that I coach.”


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