Live follow-up .. “Farewell” conference for Lionel Messi


Messi collapsed and tears streamed from his eyes, in the farewell press conference, in front of the presence of his fellow players and his family.

Messi said: “I was convinced that I would continue in my home, Barcelona, ​​​​has always made it a priority for me and my family to continue here.”

He added: “After more than 20 years, I and my Argentine Catalan family left, I lived all these years, all these wonderful years, and I promised my children and my wife that we would return here one day.”

“There are great things and bad things I’ve lived here, but it helped me be who I am today. I gave everything for the club shirt from day one.”

“I will leave and always thank the people for the love, I wish I could say goodbye to the team differently. I never imagined this moment, I dreamed of saying goodbye on the pitch.”

And the curtain fell on the story of the best star in football history, Lionel Messi, with his team Barcelona After years of records and collective and individual titles inside the “Camp Nou” in a departure phenomenon that swept all social networking sites around the world.

Messi indicated that he is not in a good condition to talk more, and said, “It is better to go to the questions.”

A wave of warm applause swept the hall that lasted for more than a minute, during which Messi collapsed in tears again, before the question segment began.

hard questions

The journalists’ questions were not easy for the club legend, who tried to answer them transparently and briefly.

Messi said: “Barcelona did everything he could, and the club president as well, I heard many things about my lack of desire to stay, last year I did not want to stay and I said it clearly, but now he fought to stay.”

“Until this moment I can’t believe what’s happening, that I’m leaving this club and changing my life, now I have to start from scratch.”

On his move to Paris Saint-Germain, Messi said: “Yes, Paris Saint-Germain is a possibility as a next destination for me. So far, nothing is certain. I received many calls after the Barcelona announcement.”

Regarding Barcelonas post-Messi period, the player said: “There is an excellent squad of players, and there will be difficulties at the beginning, but everyone will get used to Barcelona without Messi. I expect contracts with great players in the future.”

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