Live follow-up of all the events of the Egyptian competitions in Tokyo 2020


Yallakora visitors follow us on Egypt’s competitions in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, which will witness today, Thursday, a number of events extending until noon, with many participations, most notably the men’s handball semi-final against France.


Mostafa Amr Hassan, the Egyptian shot putter, ranked eighth in the finals of the Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020), after the end of the competitions that were held today, Thursday, at the Olympic Stadium in the Japanese capital. (See details)

dia quality loss

Dia Gouda lost the 16th round of Romanian wrestling with a weight of 125 kg to Georgian Gino Petriasvili 11-0, and the match ended with a technical advantage. (See details)

Zia Judeh qualified to play in the consolation competitions against the Chinese champion and then the Iranian champion in the 125 kg weight competition.

Amr Reda

Amr Reda defeated Poland’s Kamil Rebicki in the round of 16 of the Libra men’s 74 kg freestyle wrestling competition, 6-1, and qualified for the quarter-finals.

Amr Reda lost a strong wrestling challenge to the world’s second-ranked Daniyar Kaisanov, the Kazakhstan champion, with a score of 8-5, waiting for the possibility of consolation for the bronze medal.

Ali El-Sawy

Ali El-Sawy lost 4-3 in the first match of the karate qualifiers against Japan’s Naoto Sago in the last moments.

Al-Sawy lost again at the hands of Turkish player Eray Samdan, 4-1, to bring the Turkish champions close to qualifying for the semi-finals.On the other hand, El-Sawy needs to win his next match against Azerbaijan champion Ferdovsi Varzalev.

In the third match, El-Sawy managed to achieve his first victory over the Azerbaijan champion, with a score (1-0).El-Sawy is waiting for the end of the group competitions to decide his position on advancing to the next round.

modern pentagram

The ranking arms round competition ended with the final of the modern pentathlon at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Heidi Adel ranked sixth, repeated, while Amira Qandil ranked 20th.

Heidi scored 220 points after winning 20 games and losing 15 games, while Amira Qandil scored 198 points from winning 18 games and losing 17 games.

Radwa El-Sayed

Radwa Al-Sayed, the Egyptian karate player, called from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, after receiving a third loss in the competitions.

Razavi lost her first match against Kazakhstan champion Molder 7-2, and also suffered a second loss against Ukrainian champion Anzelika Triliga 1-0.

In the third match, Radwa defeated Japan’s Miho Miyahara, as the match ended 5-3.

In the fourth and final match, Radwa lost 3-1 to the Austrian champion, to be eliminated after losing three matches against winning one match.


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