Live follow-up of the match clearing and Al-Ahly Bank


Dear Yalakoura visitors, follow us for live and direct coverage of the match between Egypt clearing and Al-Ahly Bank, as part of the 31st round of the Egyptian WE League.

Misr El-Maqassa occupies the eleventh position with 37 points, while Al-Ahly Bank is in the fifteenth position with 29 points.

Match details

Salah Ashour scored a goal for Al-Maqasa in the ninth minute, to give the Fayoumi team an early lead.

The response came quickly, as Karim Bamboo scored the equalizing goal for Al-Ahly Bank in the 11th minute, after a follow-up to Fadi Farid’s cross, to put the ball into the net.

Karim Bamboo managed to score the goal of Al-Ahly Bank after he launched the ball from the right front and penetrated into the penalty area and then shot the ball from between the feet of goalkeeper Mohamed Koko in the 24th minute.

Amin Omar, the referee of the match, awarded a penalty kick in favor of Al-Ahly Bank in the 55th minute of the match, after the clearing defender obstructed the Al-Ahly Bank player inside the penalty area.

Mohamed Abdel Jalil, the technical director of the clearing, expressed his anger at the decision of the match referee, and called on his team players to withdraw from the field, before returning again, to complete the match, at a time when Amin Omar issued the yellow card to the clearing coach.

Ahmed Ali Kamel successfully converted the penalty kick into Egypt’s clearing net in the 57th minute of the match, to enhance the progress of the National Bank with three goals.

In the midst of a defensive absence for the Misr El-Maqasa team, a longitudinal ball reached Karim Bambo, who is alone in the net, to be able to score the fourth goal for his team and his third personal goal “hat-trick”, to increase the progress of the National Bank to four goals against a single clearing goal.


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