Manchester United defeat Wolverhampton and win a record


Manchester United defeat Wolverhampton and win a record


Manchester United returned with a valuable victory from the Wolverhampton field, by defeating it with a goal without a response, today, Sunday, in the matches of the third round of the English Premier League football.

United owe the win to striker Mason Greenwood, who scored the only goal of the match in the 81st minute.

Manchester United raised its score to seven points in third place, with a goal difference behind West Ham, and a goal difference against Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton, and Wolverhampton remained without a score in 18th place.

And the network “Opta” for football statistics, stated that Manchester United managed to avoid defeat in 28 consecutive matches away from home in the English Premier League (18 wins – 10 draws).

Thus, United set a new record in the history of English football, recording the longest consecutive series of matches without suffering any defeat away from home.

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