Mona Zaki jokes with Ahmed Helmy after the video of Her Excellency’s Promo: Betrayal, it is not true that.”


The star, Mona Zaki, interacted with the funny video shared by her husband, artist Ahmed Helmy, while she was trying to record a promo for her episode on the “Her Excellency” program, with Esaad Younes, and she could not present an advertisement for the episode, so that “Helmy” surprised her by sharing the funny video on his personal page on the “Face” website. Facebook,” Mona Zaki commented after the video spread, jokingly: “Betrayal is not true.”

Mona Zaki responds to Ahmed Helmy's video
Mona Zaki responds to Ahmed Helmy’s video

The great comedian Ahmed Helmy, his wife, the artist Mona Zaki, joked, and published a funny video of her, while she was trying to record a promo for her episode on the Her Excellency program, with Asaad Younes.

Mona Zaki appears in the video as she tries to record a promo for the episode, to invite her followers and fans to watch the episode, but she failed to say the words in the appropriate order, and she said: “Stay tuned with the owner of Asaad in ..”.

After a failed attempt to record the promo, Mona Ahmed Helmy joked, and told him: “I don’t know how to say these things seriously.” Helmy asked her to try to record again, and she said to him: “I simplified, but I do not know how to say the promo. Another one,” to respond to her: “Of course, we will not go into this foolishness. People say we are wrong.”

Helmy commented on the video, which he posted on Facebook: “I don’t know if someone tells her that I downloaded the video.”

The media, Esaad Younes, revealed the guest of the first episodes of the new season of her program “Her Excellency” on the channel dmcWhere the star Mona Zaki will host a two-part episode, the first will be shown next Monday at 11 pm, and Esaad Promo presented the episode on her account on the “Instagram” website.


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